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Lateral Learning: Australian speakers' organisation

About Lateral Learning Australian speakers’ organisation

Lateral Learning is an Australian speakers’ organisation which specialises in arranging educational engagements for a wide variety of speakers. Many of them are children’s authors and illustrators. There is also a strong emphasis on literature for high school students and on personal and professional development.

Speakers are available for talks and workshops, conferences, professional development days, parent meetings, speech nights and open days. Many speakers are also prepared to travel and to work in residence interstate or in country areas. The primary aim of Lateral Learning is to find speaking and teaching work for writers to help them promote their books to new audiences and to stay in print.

A great deal of time is devoted to reading the work of the authors on the list and to watching them with their audiences, in order to be able to help teachers with their selections. The company also undertakes to locate speakers whose names do not appear on the list.

Look at the following lists for information about speakers:
  • Authors and illustrators for children and young adults
  • HSC program
  • Literature (general) and Workshops
  • Personal and Professional Development, and Parenting
  • General Educational / Motivational Speakers
If you would like information about the professional development sessions organised by Lateral Learning, check the News page.

Professional Development

Lateral Learning can help with your Professional Development Programs in a number of ways.

For special occasions such as Speech Days and Presentation Evenings we have a number of speakers who can inspire large audiences on various topics.

We can organise speakers for your school staff meetings, parent meetings, teacher/librarian network meetings or conferences. We are able to cover a wide range of topics relating to verbal and visual literacy.

Lateral Learning organises a number of professional development programs through the year – watch this space for more details.

Our Authors

Australian authors and illustratorsauthors

jane caroll


Jane Carroll is one of the most popular authors on the Lateral Learning list, much of her work taking her to schools in remote country areas. She receives many repeat[…]

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craig smith


Craig Smith’s warm, exuberant illustrations have delighted children for over twenty-five years. With several award-winners to his credit, his titles appear regularly on Children’s Choice Award shortlists. Finding humour in[…]

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wilson gregory


Two 40-year-olds think they can give teenagers advice (No… Really!) Co-authors Daniel Gregory (as seen on Andrew Denton’s The Gruen Transfer) and Marty Wilson (as seen on The Comedy Channel’s[…]

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