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How to Make a Booking

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First, look through the biographical material provided and make a shortlist of the people who are of interest.

You may need further information either about the books they have written or the content of their sessions, in which case call Lateral Learning on

Phone(02) 9960 4844
Fax(02) 9960 4811
MailP.O. Box 646, Spit Junction NSW 2088

There may also be references available, which would give you an idea of the feedback from other teachers and students.

Once you have made a choice and determined a date, contact us at the telephone numbers or e-mail address shown above.

After making a booking you will be invoiced by Lateral Learning for the booking fee and sent details of the engagement which has been arranged. Contact details for the speaker will also be supplied if requested.

Nearer the time there may be further communication to confirm that the detailed arrangements are in place, eg session times if an author or illustrator is visiting a school for a whole day.

Payments to speakers are generally made on the day by personal cheque. If this presents a problem, then payment may be made via Lateral Learning. Costs vary, depending on the speakers requested and the nature of the engagement. Many writers charge Australian Society of Authors’ rates for engagements lasting a day or longer (around $475 – $500 per day, for 3 or 4 x 1-hour sessions or equivalent). However, if travel is involved, you will need to add travel expenses, accommodation and meals.

NB: Speakers’ fees and booking fees attract GST.

Make a booking enquiry

To make a booking enquiry, please fill out the following form and click once on the ‘submit’ button. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

We will not pass your details on to any other organisation.

Please understand that this is an enquiry and not a confirmed booking. Lateral Learning will be in touch as soon as possible

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