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Paul Stafford

Paul Stafford is a literacy consultant (specialising in Stage 3-4 reluctant boy readers & writers) in schools across Australia. His latest series of books of comedy-horror, Horror High, are published by Random House Australia, and he’s the author of the teenage fiction novel Ned Kelly’s Helmet and eight books of short stories under the Pants on Fire imprint.

Paul grew up in Kurrajong Heights and now lives outside Bathurst, NSW. He studied print journalism at Mitchell CAE, graduating in 1989, but renounced the make-believe world of journalism for the hard and gritty reality of teenage fiction. Although a career in writing has meant abandoning his childhood dreams of wealth and respectability, he now gets to sleep late,dress scruffy, and gnaw on the skulls of his enemies. It’s a trade-off he’s learnt to live with.

Short Overview of Paul’s Work

Author of Blatantly Bogus, Basically Bollocks, Ludicrous Lies, Fully Faked, Chronic Crapola, Hoopy Hoaxes, Heinous Humbuggery and Totally Toasted, 33-year-old Paul Stafford has made an immediate impact with these eight books of short stories appealing to 12-to-15-year-olds. ‘Most main characters are male. The kids are either smart or smart-alecs; the adults are usually dumb – dumb parents, dumb teachers, dumb police. But don’t dismiss these stories as merely sensational. Stafford’s language – and his imagination – is a constant delight.’ (Gail Mahon, Kidsbooks)

Paul Stafford studied print journalism at Mitchell College before spending a number of years overseas, living in Edinburgh, London and New Delhi. The idea for the first four books developed from his travelling experiences. Now back in Bathurst, he is committed to writing full-time, encouraged by the positive review coverage of his books.

In addition to his short story collections, Paul has released an historical novel for upper primary/lower secondary readers – Ned Kelly’s Helmet – and this has also been extremely well received.

Paul is based in Bathurst but is available to travel to Sydney.