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Jen McVeity

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Jen McVeity

Fast-moving plots and lots of dialogue are the trademarks of Jen McVeity’s style. With over twenty books in print, she is also known for her light touch and wry humour when dealing with powerful themes. Her latest novel, Dreamcatcher (published in the USA as ‘On Different Shores’), is a novel for teenagers about the conflicts that arise in a combined family after a divorce, and a young girl’s growing realisation and acceptance of her father’s imperfections. Jen has written for both teenagers and younger readers (Wild Horses and The Big Feet Thief) and is able to offer students a broad range of insights into the creative process.

Combining Entertainment and Learning

Jen is happy to speak to groups of school students, to teachers or to other groups of interested adults. She has a devised an entertaining program of talks, more details of which can be faxed. Her talks to children, for example, are entitled ‘Boring Befores to Brilliant Afters’, ‘How Kids Get Published’, ‘Barely a B in English and 24 Books in Print’ and ‘Where Do You Get Your Ideas?’ She likes to work with groups of students from years 4 to 12, ideally offering a talk first with a workshop to follow.

Jen is a full-time writer, living in Melbourne with her husband and two children, whom she describes as her best critics. She loves water skiing, snow skiing, playing A-grade men’s (?) volleyball and climbing trees with her children. She calls this research for writing – her family call it having a good time.