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Margery Hertzberg

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Margery Hertzberg

Margery Hertzberg runs drama workshops for students using drama strategies and forms as outlined in many Australian Primary and Drama documents. Using favourite texts from the school library she uses processes such as sculpting, hot seating, parallel improvisation and Readers’ Theatre to develop students’ comprehension skills. Texts previously used in workshops of this kind include Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes, Our Excursion by Kate Walker and Onion Tears by Diana Kidd.

Drama Queen

Margery is a trained Early Childhood/Primary teacher with 12 years’ experience as a full-time ESL and mainstream teacher and has received many awards for her academic and practical achievements. She is available to conduct workshops for students and for teachers. She is particularly interested in the benefits of using drama activities for literacy development and regularly presents conference papers in this area – her practical ideas have been published extensively in books and journals.