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Joanna Hempel

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Joanna Hempel

After 16 years of working with her students at the Armidale School of Youth Drama, which led to the production and publication of many successful plays, Joanna Hempel now shares her insights into theatre and performance through workshops in schools and colleges.

Joanna’s academic background is in Psychology and Theatre Studies. Her work is based on the idea of drama as personal development and she uses topics such as storytelling, building a character in acting, improvisation, performance and interpersonal skills, sketches and playscripts. She can also give workshops on the school curriculum in Drama and English and is available to speak to school students, teachers or other groups of interested adults.

What Attendees Say about Joanna

Comments on her workshops include: ‘her love of theatre inspires – brings the text and history alive’, ‘her lead-up activities are exciting and constructive, the final product being fabulous’, ‘it was enriching to take part and reap the rewards of new, innovative ideas in gesture, character motivation and non-verbal communication…”