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Penny Hall

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Penny Hall

Penny Hall is the author of both realistic stories and fantasies, suitable for a variety of age groups from early readers through to teenagers. Her books include The Paperchaser, The Catalyst, Cat-face, The Big Scream and Fraidy Cats and they have been shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council and KOALA Awards, commended by the NSW & Victorian Family Therapy Asociation and listed in the Children’s Book Council’s list of Notable Books. Penny’s latest books are Fraidy Cats, Fixing the Tiger, Fantastic and Fabulous and A Knight in Different Armour.

Inspiring and Engaging Workshops

As well as talking about her work, Penny runs highly successful creative writing workshops for primary and secondary students, sharing insights into her own work and inspiring them to greater creative efforts. She always participates in the Nestle writing workshops organised by the State Library of NSW and she is often requested for enrichment programs and gifted and talented workshops. Working part-time at Shearer’s Children’s Bookshop in Gordon gives Penny an extensive knowledge of the work of all children’s writers and she is also available to talk to parents and teachers.

The feedback on Penny’s work in schools is always positive. ‘Total enjoyment. Motivational. Positive responses from unexpected areas. An inspirational day. Penny’s experience and preparation combined with her flexibility and sense of fun were a recipe for success.’