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Susan Geason

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Susan Geason

Susan Geason was born in Tasmania and grew up in Queensland. She has worked as a Cabinet Adviser in the NSW Premier’s Department and as Literary Editor of the Sun-Herald. She now writes for a living and has just started a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Queensland.

Susan’s five novels and a collection of short stories have been published in Australia, Germany and France and her short stories in Australia, Europe and North America. She has also released three non-fiction titles: Regarding Jane Eyre, Great Australian Girls and, most recently, Australian Heroines. She is well known for her crime writing through her Syd Fish mysteries, Shaved Fish, Dogfish and Sharkbait, and has been shortlisted for numerous awards in this genre, among them the Ned Kelly Crime Novel Award for Wildfire.

Inspiring Girls and Young Women

Great Australian Girls (and the remarkable women they became), Susan Geason’s first book for young people, tells the stories of more than twenty women whose lives have been inspiring. From athletes to artists, aviators to actors – some living in convict, some in contemporary times – this book covers an extraordinary range of women and their stories and its readable, engaging style appeals to teenage girls and their mothers and grandmothers alike. ‘If there’s a girl in your life you’d like to inspire, Susan Geason’s Great Australian Girls offers plenty of ideas about how to live a life bravely (Julie McCrossin, Australian Financial Review).’

Susan has recently published a companion volume, Australian Heroines, a collection of the stories of ten remarkable young women who embarked on amazing adventures or survived against terrible odds – including Brigitte Muir, who scaled the highest peaks on each of the world’s seven continents; Marika Weinberger, who survived the Holocaust; Samantha Miles, who overcame leukaemia; and Susie Maroney, who broke every marathon swimming record in the book.

Susan is an excellent, inspiring speaker, with much to offer a wide range of audiences.