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Changing Eating Habits: Health Benefits In Pruvit Keto Os

Pruvit is a brand that is associated with production of weight loss medicines in powder form. It was introduced into the weight loss industry in 2012. Their products help in the weight reduction procedure through increased strength and energy levels, appetite suppression and also increased fat burning throughout the body.

Keto is a medical short form that can be lengthened to either mean “ketones” or “ketosis”. Ketosis refers to a chemical process in the human body where fats are broken down for use as the primary source of energy as opposed to the normal glucose. When fat is burned in the body, it produces three major by-products, namely acetone, acetoacetate (ACA) and hydroxybutyrate (BHB), and are referred to as ketones.

How Do Ketones Work In The Body?

This process is what permits our bodies to keep functioning normally even when there is little or no food. When someone engages themselves in a low-carb diet, the body lacks enough glucose to burn in order to produce energy. It then resorts to burning the fatty acids and fat stores in the liver, which releases the ketones into the blood stream to be used for energy production by the brain and other body organs. Excess ketons can easily be gotten rid of through urine (ACA and BHB) since they are soluble in water, or through breathing out (acetone).

Keto-OS is the most recent product from Pruvit, and it represents “Ketone Operating System”. The purpose of this product in weight loss is to send the body into ketosis within 15-30 minutes of consumption, for it to rely basically on energy produced from burning of fats rather than glucose. Apart from efficient weight reduction, Pruvit ketones benefits are numerous to the body, like preventing growth of any cancerous cells, improving physical performance, anti-inflammatory properties and cognitive improvement, among others.


Beta Hydroxibutyrate, caffeine, malic acid, stevia, MCT powder and natural flavors. It is not consumed directly, but is rather mixed in at least 12-16 ounces of cold water and taken with or without food.


Pruvit products can easily be found online on their official website at or they can alternatively be bought from Amazon.

How Does It Work?

Keto-OS works behind the same principle as a ketogenic diet where one consumes high volumes of fat, moderate quantity of protein and very little amount of carbs. This sends the body directly into ketosis. After consuming this supplement the body emulsifies ketones to be used as fuel to produce energy in place of glucose, and begins to burn fat in the body at a high rate.

Advantages Of Using Pruvit Keto-OS

  • It is a completely safe product: It has been clinically examined and approved for consumption, since it poses no harm to its consumers.
  • It greatly increases energy levels; this is a desirable property especially if used before workout sessions.
  • It works both ways , whether you take it alongside food or on its own
  • It is easily accessible on the market and has no known chronic negative side effects on the body
  • It allows the body to work naturally; ketones improve insulin sensitivity and normalize blood sugar levels, thereby suppressing the appetite and in turn control calorie intake

Since it produces results gradually, some may not notice them and stop using it for claims that it does not work.

This product has been tested and proven to have no major negative effects. However, since it is designed to operate on ketones, you may experience frequent urination as a result of the body naturally emptying the available glycogen stores to enhance the fat burning process.

Is Keto-OS Safe For Consumption?

According to the products that have been used in its composition, together with the transparency with which Pruvit have handled its initiation into the market by providing all names of medical laboratories that conducted its research and provided its approval, and also customer reviews from different sources on the internet, it has proven to be a safe and effective method to incorporate into your weight loss procedure. It is highly recommended especially for those who have a tendency of cheating in their ketogenic diets.


Just like with any other supplements, it is important to always eat properly, maintain your calorie intake, drink a sufficient amount of clean water, have enough sleep and you will experience total rejuvenation and an overall improved performance of your body when on Pruvit Keto-OS supplements. Its results may not be immediate but they surely work for everyone, regardless of their age or sex.

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