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6 Amazing Tips For College Graduates Going Through Their First Job Interview

College is meant to prepare you for the career you plan to have for the rest of your life. But what they can’t exactly teach you is how to score the job, yet alone the interview. As fresh college graduates have little to no job experience, they may know what to do or how to prepare. The primary goal for a new graduate is to make a splash at scoring your first job and set your path towards success. 

In order to get there, you will need to learn through experience and advice. Below are some of the best advice experts give for new graduates looking for their first job. 

Here are six amazing tips for College graduates going through their first job interview. 

Tip #1: Do Your Research 


Before your interview, be sure to do your research on the organization, job, the industry and competition. Find as much information as you can to prepare. Read career-related magazines, trade journals and newspapers. This will benefit your interview as you will have more knowledge about the organization that those who did not prepare. Doing your research will also prevent you from asking unnecessary questions. 

Tip #2: Be Ready For Questions and Answers 


Prepare yourself for the typical questions with strong answers. Expect the usual issues such as “Tell me about yourself” “what are your significant accomplishments?” “What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?” Having the best answers to these questions must be natural rather than the generic rehearsed responses. 

Create adaptable stories related to the job. Begin with describing the context and problem of the situation and explain what you did to improve the situation. Explain the results to demonstrate how you understand the impact and importance of your contribution. This will help you adapt scenarios into various questions the employer may ask. 

Tip #3: Frame Your Answers to How YOU Will Add Value to the Company 


Fresh graduates often focus on what they can get out of the job rather than what they want to give. While it’s good to question whether the job will be good for them, make sure to turn the table around and explain how YOU can benefit the company and what you have to offer. Determine ways on how you can tactfully mention what the organization will gain if they hired you as an employer. 

Impress the employer by translating how well your extracurricular and academic experiences has helped prepare you for the job. Describe how you managed to accomplish your task with your skills.

Tip #4: Practice Your Interview Out Loud 


Building confidence in your speech will help you prepare for your interview. Practice your speech by interviewing out loud. This could be with your mentors and friends or even your mirror. Most fresh graduates haven’t gained enough experience with interviews. 

It is important to hear your answers and words out loud then listen to the tone, inflections, emphasis and even the facial expressions you may give. It’s hard to have a second chance so be sure to make it count. 

Tip #5: Understand the Ladder of Success 


New college graduates tend to have a hard time when it comes to entry-level jobs as they may feel discouraged or overqualified that their work will not be exactly what they expect nor fulfilling. The main point of the interview is to get invited for another interview for the next step and eventually be offered the job. 

Tip #6: Finish Strong, Smile, and Stay Humble 


Keep yourself in a humble, confident, and enthusiastic manner. Allow the tone of your voice and body language to communicate the excitement of the opportunity to be part of the interview. A strong interview will be a huge factor for the interviewer. If you don’t look like you are enthusiastic about the potential job, your interviewer will question if you truly want to be hired or will be committed to the company. 

Close with a strong final statement that makes the employer see how genuinely interested you are in the opportunity. This includes why you would be a great hire and a great fit for the job. Lighten the experience by sending an email to thank them for their time while the interview is still fresh on your mind. 

Taking a personal interest in the organization will help you stand out. Every employer or interviewer expects to receive some thank you note from the candidates, so it is no sign of unprofessionalism. 

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